Why arcades aren't just for kids


There are a few activities in life that remind us of the carefree fun and blissful days before we had to become adults. In many cases though, these simply get outgrown - although if you still ride your tricycle to work everyday then more power to you!

Arcades often get tacked onto this list, but in fact they occupy a radically different position in society, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are three great reasons why arcades aren't just for kids. 

1. They're good for your health

You might scoff, but compared to sitting at home watching TV, arcades are actually a far more stimulating and healthy form of entertainment. This is especially true at Kingpin, where the focus is on socialising and having fun even when you're fingers aren't on the buttons. There's even evidence that games can reduce stress! Combined with some quality time hanging out with your closest friends, there are few things better than the arcade for a well-earned break. 

2. There's a lot of variety

While there might be some arcades that are simply rooms filled with machines, that's not how we roll here at Kingpin. Instead, our focus is on providing a broad range of different activities, so you're never left with nothing to do. That game you want to play occupied by somebody else? No problem, grab a beer and challenge your friends to bowling or a round of pool while you wait. There's plenty of variety too, including some of the very latest games in the country. Whether you're a car racing fan or can't wait to shoot some aliens, nobody will be left out. 

3. They're, you know, fun! 

Perhaps it seems obvious, but the most important reason why arcades aren't just for kids is that they are so much fun! You probably wouldn't get too much of a kick out of heading back to the sand pit once you're out of your teens, but the arcade is a nostalgic sense of fun. As an added bonus, at Kingpin our motto is 'drink, bowl, party', so you're set for much more than those typical nights at the arcade you might remember from growing up. 

In addition, you don't have to worry about organising, cooking, cleaning or any of the other stuff that goes into having parties as an adult, just grab your mates and head on down the Kingpin.