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Billiards, or Pool depending on how familiar you are with the game, is the one activity beyond bowling that is available in every Kingpin venue! Our state of the art Pool Tables each host cues for you to play with, the standard Billiards 15 ball set with one white ball and powercard readers on each table. Our games of Pool can be played simply by tapping a powercard to release the balls and begin a game.

Make the most of your day out by adding Billiards to the start or end of Kingpin’s other exciting activities. Billiards is the perfect relaxing break between exciting sessions of Bowling, Darts, Laser TagKaraokeEscape Rooms, or Virtual Reality. Activity availability varies by venue, get in touch with your nearest venue to find out what’s in store for you.

So chalk up your cues, practice your stop-shots and back spin for Kingpin's most beloved game, Billiards is available to play at all Kingpin venues today!


As all Pool tables are playable via a powercard, make sure you have registered a card with money before play. 

One game of Billiards will cost just $3.


Did you know that majority of our Event Rooms, 'Room 300's, have pool tables in them already? Ask our friendly team if your local Kingpin Venue hosts Billiards in their event space or check out birthday and event packages to see how we can elevate your Kingpin experience today!

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