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100% Fresh

Want to know what's 100% FRESH in Kingpin?

You're in the right place!

Stay up to date here where we keep you in the loop with the FRESHEST games, activities, plush and prizes.


Humanity has evolved beyond panning for Gold in the Australian outback, now there's Gold Miner! A brand new arcade game to Kingpin that sends coins firing rapidly into gold carts.

Fire coins into different coloured carts and then watch them move across the screen until you hit the bonus and watch as 1000 coins rain onto the playfield!


Ah Mai Mai, a cult-classic and beloved-game amongst our Kingpin guests. We hope you have your dancing gloves on because Mai Mai is a RHYTHM-based game!

When playing Mai Mai you select your song of choice and then prepare to tap around the circle to the beat of the song. Don't worry if you're not rhythmically inclined, the game will help you along in trying to hit the beat with a screen in the middle of the Mai Mai circle indicating where to tap.

Arriving in some more Kingpin venues around Australia, you guys asked and we delivered!


Calling all prize-game players! Barloque Castle is sure to tickle your fancy with a range of small prizes to be won.

Small capsules circle around the game machine as you try to grab one of the prizes within the pods. The game refills the pods on the prize wheel when one if collected.

Don't get too dizzy, the circling prizes will draw you in and they go on, and on, and on...


Think you have what it takes to push a winning Hyper Nova score?

Hyper Nova is essentially a big lever that registers your push power and selects a powerticket payout for your efforts of getting that lever down. It's time to flex those gym muscles!

SO we ask again, do you have what it takes to hit the top score in Hyper Nova?


Move over texting, we're using Emojis IRL! Emoji Frenzy is a fantastic new game which uses a moving emoji ball that slides towards you. Time the emoji ball to slide towards you in time with a rotating screen of power-up emojis to score special tickets and scores during the game. 

Not enough for you Gen-Z'ers? Include into that 6 mini-games, balls that drop with prizes inside and a Jackpot to work towards. Emoji Frenzy is sure to send you into... well, a FRENZY!


*All games are exclusive to participating venues, ask your local Kingpin what's 100% Fresh in-venue!