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100% Fresh

Want to know what's 100% FRESH in Kingpin?

You're in the right place!

Stay up to date here where we keep you in the loop with the FRESHEST games, activities, plush and prizes.

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Jet Pong

Imagine beer pong (and if you're under 18 imagine something else). Now imagine a jet of wind blowing your ping pong ball into the air and hovering it there. Now imagine throwing the ball into a triangle stack of 10 cups trying to get it in one! How cool is that?

This game takes beer pong to a whole new level with floating balls, digitally scored throws and you don't have to worry about Nathan's "beer pong house rules". It's super simple, get the ball into the cup and you'll be swimming in arcade tickets.

Rick & Morty

Calling all interdimensional travelling grandpas and grandsons (and all games enthusiasts in-between). Don't loose your marbles, literally, as this new and exciting game is all about dropping marbles!

With a push-style sliding game, you must drop marbles into the game at opportune times to get more marbles cascading down and into your pocket!

Stagger the drop, balance the marble pusher and score big on this great new game. Grab your portal guns and head on down to Rick & Morty Blips and Chitz, aw geez.


Have the whole gang ready to play in the arcade? Don't split up, play together!

Qube offers a unique arcade experience with a 4 seater visual gaming ride complete with a large screen and 4 shooter consoles that gets your team working together.

With motion seats, wind effects, arcade games just got a whole lot more... QUBED!

Hungry Hippos

We all know the classic board game Hungry Hippos, however we bet you haven't ridden one!

Climb on your favourite colour Hippo and push yourself back and forth with an interactive lever as you collect those precious balls to win. You will jolt with your hippo to eat the balls as quick as you can.

No-one take blue, I call shotgun!


Bop it, Twist it, Pull it and all that fun stuff is coming to a Kingpin near you!

Yes, that handheld game has become a brand new arcade activity for you to enjoy, play and bop away. Complete actions as they are called out to you and get through as many levels of bopping, twisting, pulling, spinning and flicking as possible in order to gain points. But watch out, the game gains speed as you go.

For our High School Musical fans out there, it's time to 'Bop to the Top'!

Ship Wreck

Connect four, but not as you know it.

This ball throwing game will provide you with 8 balls per play to throw into 16 holes. You will get points for every ball in a hole but more points for 4 in a row of course! The fewer balls you use to connect 4 in a row will earn you the most points so skill is of the essence here.

Up to 3 players can jump on at any time so play with friends and don't be afraid to let your competitive side show!


*All games are exclusive to participating venues, ask your local Kingpin what's 100% Fresh in-venue!