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100% Fresh

Want to know what's 100% FRESH in Kingpin?

You're in the right place!

Stay up to date here where we keep you in the loop with the FRESHEST games, activities, plush and prizes.


VR is always a crowd favourite at Kingpin and this game is no exception with a moving bike and 360 views!

Let the wind flow through your hair (literally, there's a front mounted fan) and race against your friends in a simulation unlike any other. Choose from 10 updated racing tracks and lean all the way into your turns for the complete racing experience.

Color Season

You'll need to prepare your magic touch for this game. The aim of the game; cut the string to win the prizes inside. Sounds simple right?

Anyone who has played this game before can tell you it's trickier than it looks. Players will need to hold down the button and time it just right to line up the scissors with the string to cut it right.

But beware, you will only have the one chance per tap, so good luck and may the odds be ever in your color season favour!

Galaxy Hunter

Calling all coin-collecting hunters, this one is for you! A space themed coin pushing game is coming to a Kingpin near you with a massive coin tower to try and knock over with each game reset.

Simply aim coins into a tiered slider to try and earn special tokens and knock over towers! Collect tokens and power up through the levels for special bonuses. 


Ready, get set, RACE! Immerse yourself in this simulated racing track with Ultra Moto VR, a virtual world unlike any other.

With customisable experiences, moving bikes and floors, vibrations and wind effects, you'll feel like you're really racing alongside your friends. Select your track and specs and then get ready to race for glory, or at the very least, bragging rights!

Cosmic Digger

Get your scooping skills ready for Cosmic Digger, a game that combines the fun of digging for ticket rolls with the excitement of a slider that determines your prize fate!

Dig as best you can for rolls of tickets that the machine scoop will then place onto a sliding platform. This is where timing is everything, as you try to queue up your grab with the slider's motions to deliver those oh-so-sweet tickets to you.

Racing Car 4PL

The perfect new racing game for groups of 4 or less, sit side by side as you verse each other in collecting tokens and dodging traffic cones along this racing track.

With coloured chairs and corresponding steering wheels all sharing one screen, you'll need to make sure you've got your eye on your car so you can stay ahead of your friends and collect the most coins the fastest to win!


*All games are exclusive to participating venues, ask your local Kingpin what's 100% Fresh in-venue!