The Latest & Greatest Arcade Games In 2019

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People love to have fun. Entertainment will never go out of style, so it stands to reason that the gaming industry is the front line for new technology. If you haven’t checked in to a Kingpin venue recently, it’s probably worth a visit to check out their newest games. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular recent additions.

Virtual Rabbids was an instant adrenaline-junkie favourite, and is showing no signs of slowing down with the soon to be released expansion pack set to double the Rabbid Universe. Settle back into the chair and strap on the VR headset to be instantly immersed in a wild ride simulation. Choose between one of several environments to ride through, each complete with 360 degree action. Guided, of course, by the kinda-crazy kinda-cute Rabbids. 

The VR doesn’t stop there though. Hologate VR transports you to an alternate universe with a variety of activities. Have an innocent snowball fight with your friends, or battle robots, zombies, and dragons. Plus, all the action is streamed on-screen, so all your mates can cheer you on.

Speed freaks can get their fix with Daytona Championship USA SDLX, the ultimate racing experience with huge screens, authentic dashboards, and pivot motion platforms that bring the racetracks to life.

Star in your own comic book with Marvel Adventure Lab, an innovative photo booth that transforms you into a superhero, allows you to pose with your favourite Marvel characters, and prints it out for you in comic book style.

Test your mental and physical coordination with Connect 4 Hoops. The game uses augmented reality to combine two old-school favourites: Connect-4 and basketball. Players shoot hoops into baskets that correspond with an oversize Connect-4 board. The first to line up four basketballs wins!

For those who are all about the take-home prizes, there are new and classic ticket redemption games, including Taj Mahal, Tons of Tickets, and Willy Crash.

With all new games and an all new menu, you’ll want to cancel your weekend plans, grab some mates, and head to Kingpin ASAP.