6 Games that Prove Kingpin is the Best Arcade Bar | Kingpin

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Arcade bars are hot right now, and it’s easy to see why. Afterall, everyone knows friends, video games, cocktails and snacks are a winning combination. But, what you may not know is that Kingpin is your local arcade bar.

If you haven’t checked into a Kingpin venue recently, it’s about time you changed that and got your hands on our great range of arcade games. To get you excited here's 6 of our favourites.

6. Big Sweetland

Our first pick is an arcade bar classic for a reason. Filled to the brim with cadbury chocolate and other sweet treats, Big Sweetland is a sugar fiend’s dream.

This beefy boy can host anywhere from 1 to 6 players. So get sliding and keep your fingers crossed for a Miracle Jackpot!

Where can I play? Eager chocoholics can get their fix of Big Sweetland at Kingpin Townsville.

5. Boardwalk Big Spin

Spin big to win big! That’s the moto of Boardwalk Big Spin, the exciting boardwalk attraction turned arcade game.

Playing this one is about as straightforward as you can get. Crank the wheel and watch the arrow spin to win huge amounts of tickets.

Where can I play? Get spinning at Kingpin Chermside.


4. Chunithm

We couldn’t talk about arcade games without rhythm games, right? Our first rhythm game entry is Sega’s Chunithm.

This beat matching game uses touch and motion sensor controls, allowing players to hit notes in quick succession. Follow the rhythm right and you’ll find yourself tapping your way onto the top of the scoreboard.

Where can I play? Follow the sweet sounds of Chunithm to Kingpin Crown.


3. Marvel’s Avengers Pusher

As well as featuring characters from Marvel’s smash-hit Avengers films, Marvel’s Avengers Pusher boasts surprisingly deep gameplay.

Avengers Pusher is a feature-rich, rapid-fire coin pusher inspired by the Infinity Stones storyline. Players fire tokens at a moving target wheel to win tickets and other sweet rewards.

Where can I play? Assemble your avengers and get down to Kingpin Crown.

2. Dancerush Stardom

No bar arcade is complete without Dancerush Stardom. Dancerush is the ultimate rhythm game, combining the addictive gameplay of DDR with the cool moves of shuffling.

State of the art sensors track where the player is on the platform, with a left foot and right foot indicators for precision move tracking.

Where can I play? Get your shuffle on with Dancerush Stardom at Kingpin Canberra and Kingpin Crown.

1. Maimai Splash

Speaking of rhythm games, we can’t bring them up without mentioning the super popular Maimai splash.

An arcade bar sensation across Japan and the rest of Asia, this addictive game challenges players to tap, hold or slide buttons in time with the music.

Where can I play? Maimai Splash is now at Kingpin Crown and Kingpin Chermside.


So has all this talk of arcade games got your fingers twitching? If so you can find your local Kingpin Arcade Bar here.