5 quotes your mates always make during an arcade Daytona race


One of Australia's greatest passions is motorsport. From Formula 1 and V8 Supercars to rally, we are a nation of petrolheads. However, very few of us will have the privilege to step down on the accelerator and hear the crowd as we speed past. Or do we?

At Kingpin, our Daytona 500 arcade game provides the chance to get behind the wheel and race our way to victory. Of course, instead of cheering us on and offering support, our mates will probably give us a lot of banter and grief as we speed towards the finish line.

Listen out for these quotes that you'll likely hear from your fellow competitors and those watching behind you:

1) "You hit me on purpose!"

To us, this is more an excuse than a statement. The Daytona 500 is no Sunday drive and requires the competitiveness and ruthlessness to win at all odds. So you spun someone out or cut them off around a corner, this is a battle to the finish line and losing is simply not a option!

2) "My foot slipped on the pedals"

Again, an excuse by someone who has fallen to the back of the pack, but one that separates the real gamers from the amateurs. Anyone who has driven a car in real life knows thongs aren't the best for hitting the accelerator and brake so why are they trying this in the Daytona 500? Our advice: See if you can lap them.

3) "There's something wrong with the game"

This game was released in 1994 and remains one of the well-known motorsport arcade games in history, we're not sure that there's anything particularly wrong with the gameplay. So the graphics aren't in HD and it's different to driving a normal car, but the proof is in the pudding.

If you can successfully negotiate the course, watch out out for barriers and a cheeky hit from a mate, you deserve to lift the proverbial trophy at the end of the day!

4) "I don't drive a manual"

One of the best parts of Daytona 500 is being able to physically change gears during a race. It adds a level of complexity to the arcade experience and makes it that much better than modern games. Of course, not everyone is used to driving manual vehicles so if someone loses, get ready to hear them blame the tools, not the builder.

5) "My turn next!"

The hardest part of watching your mates race on Daytona 500 is not being part of the action. As such, make sure you get your dibs in early to ensure you don't miss out!

Stick to the 'winner stays on' rule and your efforts will be rewarded with race after race all afternoon long!