Tired of searching “video game arcades near me” or “arcade places to go”? We feel you! Well, the good news is, you won’t have to search high and low for game arcades anymore – just head straight to Kingpin!

More than just a bowling alley, Kingpin is a hub of entertainment with a royal selection of some of the latest and greatest arcade machines that will have you ditching the controller and entering the un-reality. Lap your mates on the classic driving simulator Daytona, or test your skills on Mega Stacker or Maxi-Claw. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or in the mood to let your hair down and have some fun, our arcade games will have you returning for more. And the fun doesn’t stop there –  once you're done smashing high scores and collecting tickets, redeem them for the freshest gadgets at Winner’s Vault. 

Sounds amazing? We think so too! So get yourself off the couch, gather your mates and head down to Kingpin for a smashing good time now.

Arcade Packages

Want to take your Kingpin experience to the next level with other fun activities like Bowling, Laser Tag, Virtual Reality and Karaoke? Get the best of all worlds by getting an arcade package with any standard games or special offer purchased online!  


Ready to play arcade games? You can load any amount onto your Powercard and tap to begin your game. If you love a good deal, simply reload your Powercard with one of our bonus deals below to experience more fun for less!

  • Load $25 get $30 (bonus $5)
  • Load $35 get $45 (bonus $10)
  • Load $50 get $70 (bonus $20)
  • Load $100 get $150 (bonus $50)
  • Load $200 get $300 (bonus $100)


Our new Powercard has arrived, and you’re going to love tapping into all the new benefits!

The Powercard can be used in any Kingpin, Timezone and Zone Bowling centre, meaning you have access to hundreds more games and can shop in any prize redemption store! The new gamecard also uses the latest technology, which gives you the ability to just TAP to start your game – no more swiping is required.

For more information on how to use the Powercard, visit our FAQs.


Can’t wait to start smashing some high scores with your mates at Kingpin? Look for a Kingpin arcade near you now.

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