5 reasons why an Xmas party is important


There are plenty of excuses to get wild and celebrate during the working year - Easter, Labour Day, Queens Birthday, Tuesday afternoon - but none of these have the same magical charm as Christmas. There's always a lovely, bubbling undercurrent of happiness during the last months of the year, with staff looking forward to time with their families and a well earned break from the office. Just as important as the holiday itself however, is the work Christmas party.

Not only is it a great excuse for a good time, but there can be a few huge benefits to the entire office too. Let's take a closer look at a few of them.

1. It's a chance to say thanks

For management, an Xmas party is a massive opportunity to show employees just how much their hard work is valued. When you're hard at work on a Monday morning, it's easy to feel unappreciated, and leaders should do everything in their power to make sure the entire company knows this isn't the case.

2. It motivates employees

As well as saying thanks, a Christmas party is also a chance to remind staff that they are part of a team. Seeing the entire office out having a good time is the best way to build team spirit, which can prove incredibly motivating when the New Year kicks in.

3. It creates a company culture

Company culture is one of those hip phrases that gets thrown around a lot these days, and plenty of people have plenty of theories on how to create a good one. The truth is that there's no secret method, and that a culture comes from the people. Hosting a great event is a smart way to foster the right atmosphere, and can play a big part in ensuring that staff see their job as more than just a career, and as a valuable component of their life.

4. It fosters new connections

For many businesses, there are departments that exist under the same roof but barely have anything to do with each other. Everyone will benefit from the company becoming closer, so providing an opportunity for everyone to mingle is crucial.

5. It's fun!

Well this is one that we couldn't leave off the list. Yes, your office Christmas part will help your business in more ways than one, but most importantly of all it's a chance for everybody to let their hair down after what seems like a lifetime of exchanging passive-aggressive emails with one another.

Now get planning and have some fun with your colleagues!