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2X Kingpin New Games CTA JJR ROBOT 690X460px
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JJ Bot: The latest advancement in arcade robotics

Kingpin Crown in Melbourne VIC has recently become one of the first venues in the southern hemisphere to host the latest in robotic gaming technology: JJ Bot.

New from Smart Industries and an instant hit at the IAAPA gaming trade show, the JJ Bot arcade game boasts a real robotic crane arm with a reactive screen avatar face to fetch guest prizes from the tray below. An amazing addition to the Kingpin arcade game area, JJ Bot is the latest in a long line of new games within Kingpin, check out the latest 100% Fresh games here.

With thousands of views online, JJ Bot has left quite the impression on gaming enthusiast and arcade lovers alike, drawing people in with it’s cheerful avatar face and impressive new-age technology. Guests toggle the robotic arm to their desired location and set the arm down to collect ticket rings. Not only does this game boast exciting new robotic arm technology, the avatar interacts with the player too. It will sing and dance with a guests wins and talk through every interaction with the guests play experience.

Be the first to play JJ Bot, now available in Kingpin Crown Melbourne. Watch JJ Bot in action from our TikTok page here.

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