New Cocktail Menu Just Landed at Kingpin

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New Cocktail Menu Just Landed at Kingpin

Everybody knows Kingpin is all about the latest and greatest in gaming experiences. But did you know we’re also all about the latest and greatest in drinking experiences?

That’s right. Our cocktails are known for being an epic addition to an already epic game night, and we’ve just gone and upgraded it again.


When we say we’ve got the classics, we mean WE’VE GOT THE CLASSICS. We’ve got a whole section dedicated to different kinds of spritzes and martinis (lychee rose anyone?) as well as our own unique twists on the classics, including the instantly iconic Fireball Sour and Piña Maca Colada.

High Rollers

A Kingpin menu wouldn’t be a Kingpin menu without a little something special for those who want the royal treatment. The High Rollers section of the new menu is packed with premium alcohols mixed up into opulent cocktails with seriously grammable garnishes.

Kingpin Signatures

Let’s just say these are our signatures for a reason. Invented by our very own in-house mixology experts. Expect the unexpected with flavours like rhubarb and mandarin mistelle, marzipan, honeycomb and fairy floss all making an appearance in this section of the menu!


“Shaken, not stirred” is old news. We’re shaking, we’re stirring, we’re going all out with all the variety any martini lover could want. Why limit yourself to olives? Our cocktail menu has a whole section dedicated to martinis and it’s got candy apples, it’s got juicy lychee, it’s got fresh espresso. What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Kingpin today and get sipping!

Cocktail Balloons

Sharing is caring, and our Cocktail Balloons are perfect for any close knit group! Check out the zesty Zombie packed with passionfruit and ginger or go fruity with the Miami Peach Iced Tea.

Hot Cocktails

Hot cocktails? That’s right! If your vibe is warm, creamy and decadent with a hint of alcohol , you’re in the right place. Check out the Dutch Almond Hot Chocolate, Don Papa Macadamia Latte, or the unbeatable Coconut Cinnamon Latte.


Whether you’re the designated driver or just want a non-alcoholic drink, rest assured that we’ve got more exciting options than just water and lemonade for you. In fact, we have a whole section of crowd favourite non-alcoholic cocktails.


Excited about these? You should be! Head into your nearest Kingpin and start sampling the new menu!