Kingpin Launches Bubble Tea Cocktails & Mocktails

KP Bubble Tea Campain Blog Image 01

Whether you’re a long-time bubble tea enthusiast or you’ve come late to the party, you’re going to love Kingpin’s new bubble tea cocktail and mocktail range. Head into venue between 22 October - 3 November and you can try free samples on us!

The question is: which one will you choose?

It might be a Jester’s coffee but this drink ain’t no joke. Creamy Kahlua, milk, and Little Drippa Coffee comes shaken with Smirnoff vodka, oolong tea, and nutty purple taro balls. That’s some serious flavour.

First class flights, luxurious villas, and fresh fruit. The royal family on a tropical holiday. Monin Cherry and Mojito Mint are shaken up with cherry blossom tea and gin. Blueberry popping pearls and a glistening maraschino cherry complete the experience.

Elderflower syrup is given a youthful twist with green apple syrup, Monin Mojito Mint, and mischievous strawberry popping pearls. Baby’s here to play, with a strong Four Seasons tea and a whole strawberry on top.

Come visit your local Kingpin to see the full range for yourself!

Is there any better way to spend the weekend than bowling, laser tag, and bubble tea?