Bowling Alley Parties Sydney

Bowling Alleys and Bowling Party Venues in Sydney 

There’s nothing quite like a game of bowling with your family and friends. The thump when the ball hits the lane (or when someone misses the shot). The crash when a well-aimed ball strikes pins and knocks them all down (Cue the cheers) and high fives from your teammates and opponents!

Bowling offers excitement and competitive fun for almost everyone at any age. Kingpin takes pride in offering the best entertaining venue for enjoying a game of bowling in Sydney. We make sure that every guest loves their time at Kingpin thoroughly, whether they come to bowl or try one of several other activities. 

Kingpin not only has the best bowling alleys in Sydney but also offers much more for our valued patrons. 

The Best Venue for Bowling in Sydney

Bowling serves as the perfect pastime for those looking for relaxation combined with exercise and competitive good times. We love seeing everyone from the youngest to oldest coming by to enjoy this globally popular sport.

Bowling is a perfect way to enjoy an exciting group outing or an excuse to get together as friends. 

Tired of the same old weekend routine at home where entertainment revolves around Netflix screens. Enjoy the small cost of big family fun when you round up the kids and bring them out to bowl at King Pin. 

We welcome all guests, schools, church groups, Corporate team building, and sports clubs can all socialise and let off some steam. Of course, we also welcome Bowling league players for both excitement and the thrill of competition.

Other Exciting Games and Activities

At Kingpin, we do much more than bowling. We offer a wide selection of games and activities guaranteed to please.

In addition to bowling, Kingpin offers other exciting and fast-paced competitive games to keep you and your group entertained.

Get into some heart-pounding action when you play two of our most intense games. Laser tag takes an exciting childhood game and elevates it to the next level. Take your team on missions in our specially designed space filled with obstacles to challenge your tactical intelligence. Between two and six players can enjoy.

We also have several top spin tables, although we affectionately refer to it as “king spin.” Also called ping-pong and table tennis, this electrifyingly fast game gives you a chance to show off your skills.

Kingpin offers even more ways to enjoy intense excitement. We also feature one of the coolest trends sweeping Europe, Great Britain, and North America. Escape rooms trap you and your companions inside. You have to brave frightening sights and sounds whilst working through a number of tasks. Successful completion allows your escape.

Be forewarned, though. Our escape rooms are not for the young or easily frightened.

If competition and games aren’t your speed, but you still love adventure, take your singing game up on the big stage. Our guests love belting out their favourite karaoke tunes in front of their friends, making for a memorable day or evening.

Amazing Deals for Kingpin Guests

At Kingpin, we love to get as many of our valued patrons involved in the fun as is possible. That’s why we offer a wide range of deals, all designed to bring in more people to have more fun in all of our games and activities. Check out our full slate of regular deals, as well as special opportunities to save.

First, we encourage you to pick up a Powercard. These give you full access by just tapping the card. When you buy access passes through using the Powercard, we give you matching bonus bucks. Kingpin also offers gift cards. They are a perfect present for those who appreciate the gift of a great experience, from children to grandparents and even work colleagues.

Also check out our daily deals, available on select times during the week. Between Sunday and Wednesday, enjoy our unlimited specials. For a low price, enjoy unlimited bowling and laser tag after 7:00 p.m. University attendees with a valid student ID card can enjoy 50 percent off bowling or laser tag between Monday and Friday nights. We also have special food deals, so feel free to enjoy our delicious refreshment options as well.

As if these specials were not enough, we also offer amazing standard and luxe packages to enjoy our attractions during school holidays.

Come and See the Most Exciting Attractions in Sydney

When looking for the best lineup of attractions in Sydney, make sure to come to Kingpin. We have all of the excitement that your friends crave and the best family-friendly entertainment in town.

Whether you came to play our games, challenge your skills, or share your singing, Kingpin is the perfect place for fun and adventure. 

At Kingpin, we are proud to be one of the most popular centres for fun for our patrons from all over Sydney. We love hosting outings for children and events for adults.

Check out our full lineup of attractions and all of the great and easy ways to save. Also, make sure to use our convenient online booking option for easier entry.

Stop in today.

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