Planning a birthday party for your prince or princess? With endless fun activities (Bowling, Laser Tag, Arcade, Karaoke, Virtual Reality, Escape Rooms), and delicious party food and drinks, the Kingpin team has you covered for awesome children’s parties. Each kids party at Kingpin’s venue comes with a dedicated party host to take care of the planning, entertainment, and experience, so you can focus on the celebrations and making lifelong memories of the special occasion.

Never agonise over the question “where’s a kids birthday party place near me?” again. You can’t go wrong with Kingpin’s birthday party ideas and packages. Check out the kids party package options below, or download the handy party package flyer and get ready to book the perfect birthday party for kids. A party at Kingpin means maximum enjoyment for both the kids and adults!



Kids Package - Silver

Kicking things off simple and sweet, the silver package has everything you need to relax while the kids eat, drink and play.

  • One activity
  • Kids drink (Pop Top)
  • Kids meal
  • 200 tickets for all kids
  • Arrival drinks for the Birthday child’s parents
  • 30 min timeplay on selected games

All for only $50 per attendee.

Kids Package - Gold

When you feel like taking things up a notch. The Gold Package includes everything in the Silver Package, PLUS

  • Food upgrade to a soft drink AND milkshake
  • An EXTRA activity (two in total)
  • A plush gift for the lucky birthday child, and
  • A popcorn welcome snack

All for only $66 per attendee.

Kids Package - Platinum

This is it. The ultimate tier, for when you really want all the trappings of a souped-up fancy party - but without any of the stress or effort on your part.

The Platinum package includes everything in the Silver and Gold Packages, as well as these extra upgrades:

  • Goodie bags for each child to take home
  • Upgraded welcome snack to popcorn chicken
  • A donut cake to sing happy birthday over
  • Gold balloon numbers
  • An upgraded mega plushie gift for the birthday child.

All for only $85 per attendee.


Sprinkle In Some Extra Fun

Parties for children are the best when filled with all kinds of fun and games. All party packages can be customised to suit your needs! At the venue that’s a natural go-to for kids parties, you can be sure to host the coolest kids party without ever having to worry about party planning, supplies, games, or food options. Kingpin offers a range of Extra Fun to add to any party package of your choice and an extensive list of Party Platters. Once you’ve decided on what you want, the friendly staff will take care of everything, so you can make the most of every second of your party — enjoying yummy food and drinks, playing round after round of exciting games with your guests, and taking pictures galore with the birthday boy or girl to remember this memorable event.

Birthday Party Invitations

Now that you’ve got your kid’s party plans in place, it’s time to invite the guests! Send your guest an invite try the editable invites and print them off at home, or head into your party venue and pick up a few copies – Kingpin’s got you covered!

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