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Pampero Especial Rum • Pineapple • Orange • Passionfruit • Ginger • lime • Almond

Meet the Artist

Mikaela Stafford
Mikaela Stafford

Mikaela Stafford is a self taught 3D motion graphics artist exploring themes depicting the opportunities and challenges of a cyber-physical future. Her animation series considers ideas of AI consciousness and often depicts thriving and abundant bio-digital environments where technology and the natural world exist harmoniously. This symbiosis is an important metaphor as we enter a new era of technological development, as we continue to face unfamiliar challenges and opportunities of a cyber-physical world. 

Utilising 3D animation programs she is able to digitally render large scale biomorphic sculptural forms and has expanded her practice to physical public art pieces. Through this exploration into the intersections of physical and virtual worlds, Stafford's work often features thriving and abundant bio-digital environments and creatures where technology and the natural world exist harmoniously.

The Inspiration

The intention of this work is to interpret the signature cocktail ‘zombie’ and replicate the garnish that is sitting on top of a cocktail in a tall glass. This striking elongated sculpture and passionfruit haze evokes a sense of mood and mystery aligned to the name of the cocktail.

The curvy legs of the piece are symbolic of ice cubes melting and liqueurs blending. With the cocktail being served ice cold, the 500mm solid glass orb is designed to represent ice cold condensation and refracts the environment of the gallery.