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Tricked Out Long Island


Avosh Bottle Brush Honey Vodka • Tanqueray Ten Gin • Don Julio Blanco Tequila • Pampero Especial Rum • Blackcurrant  • Lemon

Meet the Artist

Darren Healey
Darren Healey

Darren Healey is a Melbourne-based artist originally from the UK who works in sculpture and video. He is interested in the wider universe and explores the unpredictability and instability of everyday life from a cosmic perspective that produces a renewed sense of wonder toward ourselves.

Releasing work under the aptly named 'dformed' he creates sci-fi tinged disfigured

sculptures. The pieces or "dforms" take inspiration from scientific principles, theories and the visual geology of the natural cosmos, encapsulating chaos and tension whilst simultaneously being suspended in time. 

When approaching his work Darren creates a highly anarchic setting that is transferred to the dforms. Using clay, metal, and polyurethane, the sculptures undergo a barrage of crashing, smashing and tearing, stimulating the conditions found not only in outer space but in our own lives. His intention is to force the viewer to consider one’s current place in this vast, ever fragile environment - a type of self reflection.

The Inspiration

My installation is intended to transport you to a unique, otherworldly environment that combines the atmosphere of a being inside the cocktail with a strange and surreal landscape, that’s almost sci-fi like. 

The installation mimics the look and feel of being inside a liquid cocktail drink, with vibrant colours and lighting, and a flowing, liquid-like environment. The elements of the drink including cherries, ice cocktails sticks and more are represented in the room, suspended, stretched and torn apart. The installation also features a soundscape of bubbling and crashing liquid, making you feel like you are within the cocktail itself.