Why should you treat your friends to an eGift Card this Christmas


Christmas is upon us, and there's a solid chance you've left your gift purchasing to the last minute. Sound familiar?

We've got you covered with a Kingpin eGift card for all your loved ones this silly season, and if you're not already convinced, here are a few extra reasons why they make the best stocking stuffers around.


No wait times!



Ordering a physical gift at this point is a no-go, there's little to no chance it will arrive by Christmas. Plus, heading into the malls to shop for gifts and putting up with excessive Christmas music and dawdling shoppers is too simply too much to ask.

Grab your eGift card online and boom - it's already yours to give. No waiting in line, no slow shoppers in front of you, and no Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the 17th time.


Wrapping isn't for everyone



It's one thing to be organised enough to pick up gift wrap for all those presents, and entirely another to actually get everything wrapped up and looking great.

Save the hassle and skip the need to wrap altogether!


Presents without your presence



A huge perk of these gift cards is that you don't actually have to be in the same room - or the same state - to give one to a friend.

Simply enter their email address and name in the check-out window, and the card will be sent to them directly. This is a great way to send something special without having to get it to them in person. That said, you can also opt to send a real life gift card in the mail if you prefer!


Actually affordable Christmas presents



How many times have you ended up spending far more than you'd budgeted on Christmas gifts?

Often, the stress of finding a good present can lead you to spend more than you'd originally considered. With a gift card, you can pick your amount from just $20 right up to $250, so you can easily avoid arriving in the New Year with less than zero in your bank.