Top 5 classic bowling moments in pop culture | Kingpin


Sadly, Kingpin venues are not open 24/7, so what can you do while you wait for those doors to unlock tomorrow?

Check out bowling's top five moments of glory in popular culture, that's what. Take a look at our list of favourites below and see if you can find any others!

That time when Homer joined a bowling league

Back in 1996, the episode 'Team Homer' saw our favourite yellow family man start his own team in a bowling league. For some reason, it costs Homer $500 to sign up (and to get matching T-shirts made for team members), but of course he doesn't have the funds, so he approaches his boss, Mr Burns, for the money. When Mr Burns find out how his money has been spent, he insists on joining the 'Pin Pals'. Chaos ensues.

Fred Flintstone gets creative

Renowned bowler Fred Flintstone has somehow lost his touch down at the bowling alley. He knows he's off his game, so he gets a little creative with improving his skills. How?

He attends ballet lessons. This 1962 episode 'Bowling Ballet' shows us just how important your footwork is for a strike!

The perfect 'split' in The Break Up

A-listers Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn starred in The Break-Up back in 2006, and the actual scene of the break up was in none other than a bowling alley. Not only did Brooke (Jennifer's character) tell Gary (Vince's character) about the split at the alley, she also informed him that he was no longer part of the bowling team. Brutal.

A Man in Black bowls a head

Men in Black is a cult classic, and we love it all the more for the bowling scene in MIB3. When the Men in Black need an answer from a reluctant alien while in an alley, Agent J (Will Smith) simply rips the alien's head off and uses it as a bowling ball. Unfortunately, the unbalanced nature of the head leads to a split. Fortunately, Agent K was on hand to give the 'ball' a little cleaning to make things a bit easier.

When the Lights Go Out

One of boyband Five's greatest hits is easily 'When the Lights Go Out', and it's even better when you watch the video clip. The boys, with their classic '90s hair styles and fashions, break into a bowling alley and end up singing and dancing in time. There isn't a whole lot of actual bowling, but their dance moves more than make up for it. It's too bad they didn't do bowling as a team building activity, as they ended up splitting up in 2001 even after all their successes.