What are the advantages of a Kingpin EOFY party?

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What's the main aim for the majority of businesses these days? Making profits and keeping costs down!

 Do we forget the basics? Employee engagement is being spruiked as the core to the success of any company leading to improved retention as well as more engaged and loyal customers. Team First is a core principal of Kingpin, practised by all support functions – look after the team who look after our guests.

Employee engagement improves with focus on communication, clear goals, regular feedback and you guessed it, recognition. Any decision your business makes throughout the financial year, needs to consider how it will affect the end of financial year. A simple thank you in the form of a celebratory EOFY party is no different, since planning with a budget in mind can help raise employee morale as you keep the costs under control. 

At Kingpin, we can help your business, of any social budget, plan and execute a fantastic EOFY party - let us explain how.

An offer that is surely set to entice any party planner

Head into any CBD bar in Australia's main cities and you'll be met with price tags that will blow your budget after the first round. As such, if a business were to take their 50 staff out at the end of the financial year for a couple of celebratory drinks, the company might end up with a bill that won’t be paid off until the next EOFY.

Of course, it doesn't have to be like this, which is why we've developed a generous offer that helps the EOFY celebration along, without hurting the bottom line. To help the finances and in the spirit of employee engagement, the more “thank yous” you book, the more you save!

Make sure to reach out to our Event Specialists to ensure you can take advantage of our EOFY offer whilst it lasts!

Platters that deliver on taste

It wouldn't be a party without food! But hiring a catering firm or heading out to a restaurant can be a costly exercise – it just makes sense to have drinks, food and entertainment all in the same place.

Kingpin have a range of crowd-pleasing packages filled with fun, food and drink that are perfect for large groups. For smaller groups you can build your own, our extensive menu has a range of share plates and mains are guaranteed delivered on taste and variety. We recommend the Kingpin Signature Burger and parmesan truffle tater tots!

Activities that take the stress away

Bowling, laser tag, arcade games and a plethora of other activities dependant on your venue, such as pool tables, air hockey & karaoke which all add a touch of fun to the night's festivities and can be worked into a package to suit your overall budget.

So boost your employee engagement by saying “Thank You” with an EOFY party – the more the merrier - we'll be sure to make it competitive, so everyone can enjoy themselves… even Frank from finance.

Book your EOFY party today at Kingpin! With a range of activities from bowling, laser tag, arcade, karaoke and escape rooms plus a restaurant and bar, Kingpin has you covered.