Five Social Scenarios That a Kingpin Gift Card Is Perfect For


Whoever said that gift cards were a desperate man’s idea of a present didn’t have access to a Kingpin Gift Card. Whether you’re into bowling, laser tag, Cryptology escape rooms, arcade games, Top Spin table tennis, karaoke or just up for a night of cocktails and burgers with friends and family, a Kingpin Gift Card is the sort of present that will thrill everyone from your fifteen-year-old niece to your special someone to that nice man on the bus who told you where your stop was. And they’re perfect for the procrastinators among us because you can pop online, grab them and email them off in seconds.

Big call, we know, so here are five familiar, everyday situations that a Kingpin Gift Card is just the thing for.

The big family get together

You love your family, but there’s a limit to how much time you can all spend sitting at the same table before it descends into the dinnertime equivalent of Apocalypse Now. Solution: a venue where you can both have your space and engage in the low-end rivalry and competition that all happy, healthy families are built on. Get over here, Aunty Maureen: it’s time you got schooled in air hockey.

Your wedding anniversary

When you’ve been married for a few years, you realise there are only so many fancy dinners you can go to before they all start blending into one another. Why not spice things up? Why not take your beloved out for a pair of 100% Wagyu beef Kingpin Signature Burgers and a few delicious cocktails and then test your relationship in the mind-bending forge of one of our Cryptology escape rooms? You’ll be amazed by what you discover about one another.

That moment when someone gives you a thoughtful present and you definitely haven’t gotten one for them

What a nightmare. This is even worse than those nightmares where you realise you’ve gone to school without pants. Thankfully our Kingpin Gift Cards can be booked online and emailed to the recipient with a touching, personalised message in the space of a few clicks. Our advice: pretend you have to go to the bathroom, whip out your smartphone and one-up the gift giver right there and then. If you’re lucky they may even take you along for the ride.

When Greg from Accounts has said he wants to have his going away party at the Stationery Museum

C’mon Greg. Live a little. Sure, the guy loves stationery, but you know what he’d love even more? Blasting his soon-to-be ex-workmates with a laser gun over the course of two hours of laser tag. As Greg racks up the headshots, strafing and commando rolling like he’s a sleeper agent for the KGB, he’ll realise he’s never felt this alive. And you’ll realise that, while maybe it’s the jug of sangria talking, you’re really gonna miss the guy.

When you’ve been house-sitting for someone and looking after their cat but then their cat ran away and they’ve just come home and said “hey, where’s my cat?”

We’ve all been there, right? You do your best to be a good cat minder, but those things have a mind of their own. And yes, the owner is a little angry right now, but after an ice cold beer and a few ultra-competitive rounds on the Daytona USA arcade game, even the most hardened cat lover is going to be like, “Captain Muggins who?” 100% guaranteed!*

*100% not a guarantee.