Attention uni students - keen for bowling and laser tag?


After a long summer on the beach, or couch, students across Australia are back to university. Faced with lectures, tutorials, essays and assignments, it's fair to say many students won't want to come back to reality. As parents and lecturers will say, "if you want a degree, you'll have to work for it!"

Of course, this doesn't mean because summer is over, the fun has to end. No, no, we at KingPin know students love to relax after class with friends, so we have come up with a deal which will appeal to even the thriftiest individual - 50 per cent off.

The deats

With your uni ID in hand, you can take on your mates at either bowling or laser tag for 50 per cent of the normal price. The deal is available between Monday and Friday until 5 p.m. and is designed to be the ideal after-class escape - once you've done your readings though.

Whether you're a first year student who needs a break from the new environment of uni or a seasoned student who has their time management scheduled to a tee, head down to KingPin for an afternoon of fun. We'll try not to nag you like your parents or lecturers!

Choosing between bowling and laser tag

If you come to KingPin in-between classes, you might not have enough time to play both bowling and laser tag. As such, you'll have to come to an 'adult' decision about which one to choose.

In this case, we'll offer you some advice. Bowling usually takes a little longer than laser tag because - if you're not a professional - it could take a while to knock all the pins down. However, if your group is looking for a more high-octane battle and keen to play a few rounds, then laser tag might be better suited.

This said, there is nothing stopping you from coming back in the next class break to play the other one or both. Being at uni is supposed to be one of the greatest times of your life - just make sure you have time for a little fun on the side!

It's important to note this deal isn't valid on school holidays, public holidays or special event days as well as being unavailable at Kingpin Crown and Kingpin Darling Harbour. For more information about this deal, get in touch with us today.