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Create memories in the venue that has it all.

Finally, a night out that everyone will enjoy. (Yes. Everyone.)

Everybody loves a night out to catch up with friends but it’s hard finding one place that’ll make everyone happy.

Some people just want cocktails while others want a chicken slider as well.

Some people just want to chat and catch up while others need entertainment and activities.

Some people want to party while others are sick of the same old bars and clubs,

Luckily, Kingpin has it all. A delicious food menu and ‘grammable cocktails, comfy couches to sit and catch up and of course, games to suit any preferences!

Work as a team to get out of an escape room or dominate the laser tag arena, discover the thrills of the latest Virtual Reality games, or sing your heart out in our karaoke rooms, or take it old school with our new and classic arcade games.

Ready to make some memories with your mates?