5 Reasons To Give A Kingpin Gift Card

Gift Card

With Christmas approaching, we all feel a little bit anxious about gift-giving. But don’t stress out, our fun squad has come up with 5 reasons why Kingpin gift cards are the best gifts for any occasion.

Who said gift cards are not fun?

Our Kingpin gift cards are designed to bring enjoyment for everyone! Whether you or your significant other like bowling, karaoke, arcade games, laser tag or even want to host a party, a Kingpin gift card has you covered. There is no limit to how you use your gift card, making the gift of fun even better!

Save best for last

While ordinary gifts will bore you in some time, a Kingpin gift card can be a magical remedy when you finish unwrapping gifts. There is no hurry to spend your Kingpin gift card since you have three years to use it and plenty of time to plan your royal party or night out with friends.

For all budgets

Whether you are on a tight budget or want to really spoil a gift receiver, gift cards range from $20 to $200 and you can get as many as you like!

Add some real surprise

Remember that time when you had to wait for a family gathering to give your present and everyone knew what you were giving your uncle (thanks mum) but still acted surprised? We have a solution for you. You can post your Kingpin gift card or if you are genuinely tech-savvy just send it online. This way, it will be a surprise!

Why rack your brains?

Whoever said work smarter, not harder is absolutely right. While dozens of people are trying to find a perfect gift for someone this Christmas, you know a Kingpin gift card is a win-win situation. Quick to buy, no wrapping needed and it can be used for something that everyone will love. Plus, Kingpin gift cards also work in Timezone and ZONE BOWLING!

Now you are equipped with the royal tips on why to give a Kingpin gift card, it’s time to send the gift of fun!