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How to craft the perfect at-home cocktail

Let the Kingpin team be your guide to the perfect at-home cocktail

Are you tired of the same old cocktail routine? Ready to shake things up with some Kingpin-style flair right in the comfort of your own home? Look no further! With expert guidance from Kingpin's Global Executive Chef Adam Moore, you can craft up delicious Kingpin style cocktails fit for a King. 

Whether you're planning a cosy date night for two or impressing guests at your next gathering, we've got you covered. From mastering classic recipes to creating innovative flavour combinations, here's how to infuse some Kingpin cocktail magic into your home bartending game. Get ready to raise the bar and mix up some unforgettable drinks with our insider tips 


What makes a good cocktail?

A good cocktail is all about the right blend of quality ingredients, precise measurements and expert technique. It’s about balancing sweetness, acidity and bitterness to create a perfect harmony of flavours. 

What is the most popular Kingpin cocktail? Why do you think this is?

The ‘Zombie’ is one of the most requested drinks at Kingpin. A concoction that's as bold as it is delicious, the Zombie is crafted with premium Pampero Rum and tropical flavours to pack a fiery punch - literally, as it’s served alight! The theatrics of the fire, impressive garnishes and complex flavours is what make this cocktail such a hit among patrons. 


Let's go back to basics - What elements do I need to create a quality cocktail? 

When crafting a cocktail, it is all about understanding basic cocktail anatomy.  

Choose Your Base: Vodka, gin, whiskey, rum? Pick your poison.

Add the Mixer: This could be as simple as a tonic or as crafty as homemade syrup.

Include a Modifier: Something like vermouth or a splash of citrus to add depth of flavour.

Garnish: This is your signature—be it a twist of lemon, an olive, or a sprig of mint.

Shake or stir?: Here’s the rule of thumb - shake when you have juices involved, stir

for straight spirit mixes.


What are the top 3 must-have tools and equipment that you believe every home bartender should invest in to craft quality cocktails?

  1. Shaker: The cornerstone of any cocktail toolkit, the shaker is essential for mixing ingredients thoroughly, chilling them quickly, and integrating flavours seamlessly. 
  1. Jigger: Precision is key in mixology. A jigger helps you measure out spirits and other ingredients with accuracy, ensuring that your cocktails are balanced every single time. 
  1. Bar Spoon: Long, elegant, and with a twist, the bar spoon is perfect for stirring cocktails that are best not shaken and invaluable for layering drinks.


What's a beginner-friendly way to add complexity to a cocktail without using too many ingredients?

Infuse Your Own Spirits: Get adventurous with infusions. Smoked Vanilla bean vodka? Rosemary and brown sugar rum? The opportunities are endless. 

Homemade Syrups and Mixers: Ginger syrup, lavender tonic—homemade is always a hit.

Think Outside the Glass: Experiment with unusual ingredients. A dash of olive oil? Smoked salt rim? Why not!

Always Be Tasting: Just like in cooking, keep tasting and adjusting. It’s the only way to perfect your mix.

Serve with Style: The presentation is everything - even a simple drink becomes spectacular with a little flair in presentation. Keep the garnishes simple, but take inspiration from your surroundings. 


With these insider tips and tricks to elevate your bartending game, you’ll be whipping up cocktails fit for royalty in no time!

But if you're looking for someone to make cocktails for you, or just looking for some fun things to do, swing by your local Kingpin for a dash of inspiration. Dive into Kingpin’s finest signature cocktails over a game of bowling and a delicious bite to eat, and let the good times roll. 


Happy concocting!

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