Hologate Virtual Reality launches at Kingpin Crown



Experience a new reality with Hologate VR. The latest Virtual Reality gaming tech coming to Kingpin Crown this December.

From the moment you put on the virtual reality headset you are immediately transported to a new reality. In this reality, you are battling robots and dragons, having a snowball fight with your friends, or fighting off a hoard of brain eating zombies. And the best part? The gameplay is captured on our arena screens, so everyone can watch the action live as it happens. 


Why You Will Love Hologate VR

  • You can battle it out with up to four friends in Player vs Player matches or play as a team.
  • The advanced graphic technology creates a realistic environment with zero motion sickness. 
  • There are multiple games to try, all of which are exclusive to the Hologate platform. 
  • The games are designed for gamers of all skills levels; they are easy to learn but difficult to master. You will have to keep playing to discover new worlds, obtain the high score, and earn bragging rights among your friends!

Kingpin Crown is the first entertainment venue in Australia to have Hologate on offer. Be the first of your friends and visit Kingpin Crown to experience for yourself!