Escape Rooms Keep Your Brain Healthy


They say the key to healthy and happy grey matter is constant use. That means Kingpin’s Cryptology Escape Rooms are the perfect way to get those brain cells pumping. If you’ve never heard of Escape Rooms, they’re multi-part puzzles where you and your friends have to figure out how to escape from the room within a set timeframe. You might find yourself cracking a code to open locks, looking for hidden symbols and playing with strange dolls as you move through the stages. Aside from being one of the most thrilling games you’ll ever play, it’s also a great way to strain your brain. Here’s why.

You’re physically active the whole time

Even if you’re pacing back and forth trying to figure out a colour-coded clue, you’re on the move. Cryptology rooms aren’t just about brainteasers, though – there are plenty of puzzles that require a physical solution (no spoilers, but you’ll want to be good with a magnet-based implement). In some cases, you might find yourself literally crawling from room to room in search of the next clue that’ll lead to your escape. Take that, crosswords!

You’re mentally active, too

This one’s a no-brainer. Well, a yes-brainer. You know what we mean. Escape rooms are IQ-pumping puzzles that get your mind tanks working in a variety of ways. Cracking codes is the perfect way to get yourself thinking differently and there’s nothing like the light-bulb moment of success when you finally figure out the answer to a puzzle. Once you’re in the zone, you’ll be looking at every problem from another angle. You’ll emerge ready to tackle the big issues of the world.

You’re right near some brain food

Healthy gut, healthy brain. Before you head into the Cryptology room for some Mission Impossible or Saw-themed action, why not take advantage of the tasty food options available in Kingpin? After all, you’ll need plenty of fuel to burn off when you’re under the pump as the clock ticks down. Of course, you’re welcome to reward your brain with something extra-delicious once it has helped you solve the escape room.

You’re focused on the room instead of stressing out

OK, there’s some stress in trying to beat the clock, but it’s more of a fun stress than worrying about work issues or how to pay the surprise bill that just popped up in your inbox. Leaving real-world concerns at the door to focus on solving an immediate problem is a great way to exercise your brain in a positive way. It’s the mental equivalent of cardio, lifting your mood in a spirit of constructive fun – and even better because you’re sharing the experience with friends and/or family.

Using your noggin is one of the most important things you can do for your long-term health. It’s nice to know you can not only do it while having a load of fun, but that if you beat your best friend or family member, you’ll also hold long-term bragging rights. Which is probably just as important. Maybe more so.


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