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Dream. Play. Redeem

There’s nothing better than taking that first sharp selfie with a new iPhone, listening to your favourite playlist through some crystal clear new headphones, or zooming around town in style on the latest electric scooter.

But do you really want to pay all that money to buy those things? Nah. That feeling of cutting open a new box is made even sweeter when you know you didn’t have to buy your gadget.

Wondering how that’s possible? The answer is Kingpin Powertickets.

Play big. Win big.

That’s right. The prize shop at Kingpin stocks more than toys and candy (though we love those too). There’s also a crazy selection of premium prizes up for grabs, waiting to reward the Kingpin royalty!

The prize page is regularly updated with the latest high tech prizes including:

  • The latest iPhones
  • Digital and polaroid cameras
  • iPads and laptops
  • Segway Electric Scooters
  • Audio Technica Turntables…
    and more!

These prizes aren’t just for the high scorers though, anyone can win them! To win premium, you need a little patience, and a lot of fun. So just keep turning up, having fun playing your favourite games and stashing away your Powertickets and before you know it, you’ll be ordering the prize you’ve been waiting for.

Good things come to those who save their Powertickets

Sure, you could save your money and buy these prizes in stores but saving points while you have fun and play at Kingpin sounds even better! Treat yourself to a great time playing all your favourite arcade games, then treat yourself to the prize you’ve been waiting for.

We love to have a good laugh at Kingpin, but these prizes are no joke! In fact, Kingpin is the only arcade with regal rizes like these up for grabs. Once you’ve played, won, and saved up enough Powertickets, simply jump online to redeem your prize.

With huge tech prizes up for grabs, it’s time to get in, hit the arcade, and save those Powertickets!