5 Reasons To Hang At Kingpin This Summer

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Hot nights, sticky sunscreen and mozzies galore; oh yes, summer is here. If you want a retreat while everyone else is out sweating up a storm, Kingpin is the answer. Here’s why you should beat the summer heat and hang out where the drinks are ice-cold, and the arcade games are always pumping.

The Freshest Eats

There’ll be no soggy sandwich or sand in your chips. Instead you’ll be chowing down a hipster burger, munching on nachos or mixing it up with a share plate. Did we mention the King Sundae? Think eight scoops of ice cream, chewy nougat, caramel biscuit, chocolate wafers and fudge sauce. Ooh yeah – It’s as big as your head.

Avoid That Nasty Sunburn

Meet Eric. He hit the beach and came home looking like a lobster – his mum wasn’t happy. Eric’s sister Sally knows better. She’s been playing Dance Dance Revolution all day and even scored a plushie from the claw machine. Sally gets to go to Kingpin again next week while Eric stays home.

Lasers Are Better Than Sun Rays

Instead of letting the sun shoot you with rays, take on your friends with lasers instead. The laser arena is the perfect spot to beat the heat and settle things on the scoreboard once and for all. Once you’re done you can hit the lanes and show off your bowling skills.

There’s No Sand In The Arcade

Put on your fancy kicks, because there’s no sand getting into those bad boys. Enough said.

Escape Rooms

You’ll be inside keeping cool, but can you stay cool under pressure? Put your best logic, problem-solving and rational thinking skills to the test. What we mean is: show your friends you’re the smartest one in the room and escape the heat at the same time – winning!

Still need a reason? Our holiday passes will convince you that summer at Kingpin is where it’s at!

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