Virtual Reality

The enemies might be virtual… but the battle is real.

The Virtual Reality industry is fiercely competitive and it’s in gaming that their innovation and creativity really get to shine. At Kingpin, we love discovering what the industry has come up with and experiencing the latest immersive gaming options - and we know you do too. That’s why we’re constantly searching for the very best new games and bringing them to you so you can run, fight, explore, and play. 

We upgrade our games. You upgrade your reality. 

Transformers VR 

Step into the glowing arena and be transported into the world of Transformers in this 4-player VR experience. Decide whether you’re a hero or a Decepticon with character options including Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and more, then choose where your epic battle will be set. You might be friends on the outside but once you’ve entered the arena, it’s every Transformer for themselves. Who will come out victorious?

Available at Kingpin Chermside and Kingpin Canberra.

Beat Saber

Released in 2018, Beat Saber quickly jumped to the number one spot on Steam, and with good reason. Strap on the headset, select your level and ready your weapon. The immersive, futuristic game creates the perfect environment to challenge your rhythm, speed, and coordination. Be warned - the challenge and great tunes make this a highly addictive game!

Available at Kingpin Crown.

Overtake VR 

Choose your vehicle, race, and environment then strap in and satisfy your need for speed. The sharp 3D VR graphics and aerodynamic function mean you get a hyper-realistic simulation of the thrill of racing, including steering, acceleration, turbulence, and collision. Overtake VR is the next generation of arcade racing. Welcome to the future.

Available at Kingpin Crown.

Arkadia VR

Step into a whole new world with VR Quest Arena. Explore the location-based games, each featuring large walking environments, multi-sensory features, and super engaging quest type adventures. The VR Quest Arena platform has highly dynamic custom games in three different types of intense gameplay: single-player, multiplayer PVE (player vs environment) and multiplayer PVP (player vs player). The built-in leaderboard platform is perfect for tournament gameplay and the livestreaming function means your friends (and fans) can cheer you on from the sidelines.

Available Kingpin Crown.

Koliseum Table Soccer VR 

Koliseum Table Soccer VR brings the classic game loved by people across generations into the modern gaming field. This VR experience merges the familiar actions of table soccer with high tech VR visuals and gameplay designed to bring people together. Perfect for both hardcore gamers and total beginners, this doesn’t come with any of the motion sickness first-timers can sometimes experience with more intense VR games.

Coming soon, stay tuned for location updates!

Virtual Rabbids 

Virtual Rabbids is one for the adrenaline junkies. Each one of the wild adventure options is guided by the cute-but-crazy Rabbids and has incredible 360-degree views enhanced by a cutting edge motion base and dynamic wind simulation. Love the Rabbids so much you’ve already been through them all? Not to worry, the soon-to-be-released expansion pack is set to double the Virtual Rabbids universe.

Available in all Kingpin venues except Norwood.

Hologate VR

Science fiction becomes science reality with Hologate VR. Be transported to an alternate universe where you get to be an active element in the new environment. Play in the snow with friends, or battle fantastical creatures or robots. Go further than ever before with the support of your friends who can watch you play live streamed on-screen.

Available at Kingpin Harbourside.

Omni VR 

Omni VR brings the physical element to the virtual world. The wide variety of games has been designed with all sorts of players in mind. Options range from shooter, horror, and arcade through to adventure and even calming nature scenes. The unique Omni treadmill setup allows you - not just your avatar- to safely run and move in every direction as you play.

Available at Kingpin Townsville.


Enjoy the full experience of entering a new reality with our VR bundle. Choose your own adventure: you can play 3 of the same game or 3 different games. This deal is exclusive to Kingpin Canberra, Crown, Townsville, Chermside and Harbourside.

Kingpin Canberra, Crown & Harbourside (includes 3 VR games):

  • $15.50 Monday-Friday open-4pm*
  • $21 at all other times

Kingpin Townsville & Chermside (includes 3 VR games)

  • $13.50 Monday-Friday open-4pm*
  • $19 at all other times

*Weekday discounted pricing not available school holidays or public holidays

What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Kingpin and step into a new reality.



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