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Let's talk AR Darts

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality is a term used when digital programs are overlaid on top of objects or landscapes in the real world. Put simply, it merges technology with reality.

Kingpin Bullseye AR Darts works in this same way. We have a real dart board at the end of a booth and a white foam block screen surrounding this board. A projector displays your scoreboard and has a number of fun games for you to play with on top of this background. The projector and board use Augmented Reality (AR) to register where your darts land on the board and captures your score instantaneously.



Can I book in Darts beforehand?

You can book this activity for any of our social packages, corporate events, group celebrations and teen & adult birthday parties. 

What's the maximum number of people can I play Darts with?

Each Darts Booth holds up to 8 players at a time, however each venue has at least 2 booths or more so you can have 16 people playing at the same time but across 2x darts boards. There is no minimum number!

How long is a game of Kingpin Darts?

How fast is a dart? The activity length will depend on the games you select and how quickly your group moves through each round but your darts booking as an activity will finish after 45 minutes.

What happens if I miss the dart board?

We've all been there... luckily our projector backdrop surrounding the darts board can take the beating.

Just no darts flying into your friends or our team members, we won't thank you for that!

Is there a minimum age to play Darts?

At Kingpin, we have an age limit of 12 years and older and we recommend supervision even above 12 because a much as the projections are digital our darts are REAL!

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