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TEEG Australia acknowledges and accepts the ACCC’s decision to issue infringement notices relating to the supply of several button battery operated products. As a business, we set the highest standards when it comes to the health and safety of our guests and team. Regrettably, on this occasion, an oversight in the testing conducted by one of our product suppliers meant we fell short of those standards.

Upon being made aware of the issue we immediately and proactively took steps to remove all impacted products from our venues.

We have since been working collaboratively with the ACCC to recall those products and have implemented measures to reduce the risk of a similar oversight occurring in future. These measures included a review of our preferred suppliers, the introduction of more stringent procurement practices and the removal of all button battery operated products from our existing inventory.

We encourage any guest who redeemed a button battery-operated product from one of our Kingpin, Timezone or Zone Bowling venues between June 2022 and June 2023 to contact their nearest venue or visit our safety page to determine if it is one of the products being recalled. Our team will organise the safe disposal of the recalled products and provide a credit to the value of the points used to redeem those products.