An EOFY party so good,
Even Frank from accounts will like it

This time of year can be particularly challenging, making sure everything is finished and filed away before June 30. For all the long hours and hard work put in, you and your team deserve the opportunity to burn off the stress.

You deserve a killer EOFY party. The problem is - everyone has a different definition of what exactly makes a ‘killer EOFY party.’

Some people just want to sit, chat, and unwind with some fabulous cocktails. For others, it’s all about the food. There are the people who need to burn off the excess energy doing something active. And then there are the people who want to forget about work by embracing their inner child.

Have you been wondering where on earth will tick all those boxes? Kingpin. Where else!

Every Kingpin Venue has:

  • A revamped menu including individual meals, share platters, and cocktails
  • Classic arcade games
  • and bowling
  • Comfy couches where people can just chill
  • PLUS...
  • EOFY Party packages to make YOUR life a whole lot easier

The most important thing is that the evening makes you look good, luckily our Kingpin event specialists make that easy. We will help you choose an EOFY Party package and ensure the entertainment is primed for a royal showdown.


Online bookings are available for groups of 20 or less. If you have more than 20 guests, please fill out the form below and an Event Specialist will be in contact. 

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Odette Brown

Event Coordinator

Odette Brown

Event Coordinator