Virtual Reality


The Virtual Reality industry is fiercely competitive and it’s in gaming that their innovation and creativity really get to shine. At Kingpin, we love discovering what the industry has come up with and experiencing the latest immersive gaming options - and we know you do too. That’s why we’re constantly searching for the very best new games and bringing them to you so you can run, fight, explore, and play. 

We upgrade our games. You upgrade your reality. 

Overtake VR 

Choose your vehicle, race, and environment then strap in and satisfy your need for speed. The sharp 3D VR graphics and aerodynamic function mean you get a hyper-realistic simulation of the thrill of racing, including steering, acceleration, turbulence, and collision. Overtake VR is the next generation of arcade racing. Welcome to the future.

Virtual Rabbids 

Virtual Rabbids is one for the adrenaline junkies. Each one of the wild adventure options is guided by the cute-but-crazy Rabbids and has incredible 360-degree views enhanced by a cutting edge motion base and dynamic wind simulation. Love the Rabbids so much you’ve already been through them all? Not to worry, the soon-to-be-released expansion pack is set to double the Virtual Rabbids universe.

Ultra Moto VR

Ultra Moto VR takes fantasy motorbike racing to a whole new level with immersive game play, realistic graphics displayed on 43” LCD and numerous high-octane racetracks. Players can choose from 12 sets of stylish customizations and trick out a variety of incredible bikes as they race through stunning environments. Ultra-Moto VR is a hybrid product that can be played with or without the VR headsets.

More VR games will be coming soon!

Here at Kingpin we know VR is the next big thing in gaming. That’s why we have invested in some of the very best VR experiences across our locations. More VR games will be coming soon to Kingpin Queenstown.

Get ready to enter a new reality.



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