Cryptology will have you sharpening your wits and putting your teamwork to the test, to solve puzzles and crack codes, using your powers of deduction to complete a mission… Do you have the smarts to beat the clock and escape the room before your time is up? 


Form a team of 2 - 8 people. You will be briefed on a mission by your game master and lead into a room to face your predicament. Then it's over to you. Look for pointers, piece together the clues and complete the tasks you are set, to enable you to unlock that door and escape within 60 minutes… or forever be known as the royal jester!

Beware, this is not for the faint-hearted (those aged under 14 years or with a sensitive stomach need not apply). We also pride ourselves on the difficulty of our rooms. But there is nothing like the challenge of confined spaces and little gore to spur you on. In the immutable words of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises; “A hero can be anyone”.


Ready to turn up the fun? Here at Kingpin, we’re more than just a bowling alley. Be spoilt for choice by our exciting line-up of entertainment options, including Escape RoomVirtual RealityKaraoke and Table Tennis. Double or triple the fun and combine bowling with your other favourite activities by picking any of the packages below. Why choose when you can have it all?

Bronze Package (1 activity) $25 Concessions $22

Silver Package (2 activities) $43 Concessions $38

Gold Package (3 activities) $57 Concessions $50

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We pride ourselves on the difficulty of our Cryptology Escape Rooms, so the more brains the better. If you get stuck you can try asking for help. Look for the Cryptofactor on each room, the higher the number the harder it is.

6/10 and below – Too easy – not worth the bother
7/10 – Cunning – stick a tail on it & you’d call it a fox! 
7.5/10 – Bamboozlingly Complex
8/10 - Trickily Difficult 
8.5/10 – Damn Hard
9/10 – Extra Challenging 
9.5/10 – Super Tough
10/10 – Is this even possible?
11/1 - So hard it's off the scale!

Are you up for the challenge?


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