Win or Redeem

Fly down the slopes in style with the latest Kingpin Pinnacle Prize

The only thing better than playing games is playing games and winning prizes.


Here at Kingpin, we’re constantly searching for ways to upgrade your gaming experience. New games using the latest tech. New menus and Instagrammable cocktails.

And of course, bigger and better prizes.


The Pinnacle Prizes are our way of getting that amazing feeling when you win a prize and taking it to a whole new level. We’re talking serious prizes, redeemable for Powertickets.

Because the prizes are so huge, we can only release a few a year. The last one was a brand new iMac, but for this one, we’re heading outdoors with a…




Which can be yours to take home for 150 000 Powertickets.

Outrageous? Yes.


Are we doing it anyway? Also yes.


Here’s how to enter.

There are two ways you can make this snowboard your own.


Option 1: Claim it with 150, 000 Powertickets. Arcade game killer? Got the tickets to spend? Sweet. Just head into your local Kingpin and claim your prize.


Option 2: Go into a draw on Facebook and Instagram. If you already spent your Powertickets on prizes (we don’t blame you), you can also get a chance to win by heading to your Instagram or Facebook and answering this question:


‘If you were stuck on top of a slope…and you could pick one celebrity or friend to be there with you, who would they be? And why…tag them below!’

Go to the Instagram Post 

What are you waiting for? Get playing!

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