Your guide to celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Kingpin

St Pats Day Blog

Regardless of whether you hail from the beautiful green shores of Ireland or not, we in Australia we certainly love St. Patrick's Day. According to Statistic Brain, around half (46 per cent) of adults plan on celebrating St. Paddy's Day - usually with a glass or two of the good stuff.

The best thing about St. Patrick's Day in 2017 is that it falls on a Friday (March 17). This means you and your group of Irish (or not) mates can head down to Kingpin for a night of celebration without having to worry work in the morning!

So, what can you get up to at Kingpin?

A competitive game of laser tag

It's fair to say that the Irish are a competitive bunch. Whether football, rugby or Gaelic football, they love their sport and coming out on the right end of a result. It then makes sense to honour this historic day with a tough game of laser tag.

In the laser tag arena, the aim of the game is victory and getting those important bragging rights over your mates. On St. Patrick's Day, you can even declare the winner, the 'King of Ireland' - a title that they'll probably go on about until next year!

Sharing a round of drinks (or two)

If there was one thing synonymous with St. Patrick's Day (rightly or wrongly) it's drinking. Ireland is the proud birthplace of Guinness and there's no doubt that these will be flowing come March 17.

However, as a responsible host, it's important to point out that your group might need a bit of food on the side as well. No worries on this front, we have a full menu of delicious platters and dishes to help you celebrate the occasion!

Boy's Night Out

As mentioned above, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by those both green and otherwise, meaning that you can turn the night into something truly memorable. One option is to host a Boy's Night Out at Kingpin - an evening that will include everything from bowling, laser tag and arcade to karaoke, pool and drinking.

You and the lads can sing Irish songs all evening if you want, while doing your best to put your mates off while they try and bowl a strike - definitely fun for everyone involved.

All you have to do is get your Irish costume ready and let us at Kingpin organise your special St. Patrick's Day night!