Variety is the spice of holiday life


The holidays. If you’re not careful, they’ll be gone before you know it, which means you have to pack in as much as you can. Fortunately, KINGPIN has more activities per centre than you can possibly do in one visit, so you’ll exhaust your energy before you exhaust the opportunities for fun. And with the Luxe Holiday Pass, you can now enjoy some amazing food and save money at the same time. It’s time to strap on your bibs, people, because this menu will have you drooling...

Our edible offerings will surprise you

Back when we were kids, the only eats you could get at the bowling alley were wet chips with too much vinegar and not enough salt. No longer! Now it’s a fully-fledged gourmet spread with Insta-worthy burgers, incredible nachos and even a gluten-free Greek salad up for grabs.

Sorry, we need another entry here to brag a bit more

In addition to the amazing options above, you could also find yourself ordering a round of grilled cheese kransky, smokin’ hot buffalo wings, house-made guac and vegetarian spring rolls. And did we mention the Potato Bar? Because we most definitely do have a Potato Bar (in some locations).

There’s also the Mini Me menu if you’re a tiny creature

We haven’t forgotten the 12-and-under crowd since we went full fancy. Mexican beef tacos are the adventurous choice, or you can play it safe with beef sliders, a classic hot dog or chicken dippers. Whatever you pick, they’re coming at you with curly fries and a drink. Might be water, might be Pepsi. Could even be juice. Whatever you’re feeling.

One visit, many choices

Grab one of our Holiday Passes and you can skip into KINGPIN, wave it around like a lord and do a whole bunch of different things. By all means, sling a few balls down the alley. But also consider laser tag, some arcade action or even a few tracks of karaoke. Into more of a table-based sport? Right this way to the table tennis arena, sir/ma’am/duderino.

You want variations, we’ve got variations

The Holiday Pass is one option. But when you grab yourself one of those extra-shiny Luxe Passes, you can customise it to suit your feast vs fun needs. Depending on whether you filled up on sandwiches at home or need a feed, you can decide there and then whether you’re feeling more like throwing a strike or a settling in with a warm Belgian waffle. They come with ice-creeeeeam.

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