The Social


There comes a time in every social group when the regular bland plans reach breaking point and the competitive nature of you and your friends needs to be let loose on the world. It’s at this point you think to yourself, what will be the saving grace for this friendship group…

Wonder no more! The clever crew at Kingpin would like to introduce The Social, a 4 week, team based social bowling competition, kicking off on Thursday the 25th of May, that will make your mid-week catch ups something to remember, with a great selection of nibbles to go along with each session and an exciting sponsor on hand to spice up the action. 

For those of you who are not quite convinced, let us get in to the nitty gritty details for you. The Social is a brand new social bowling league that runs in late May on consecutive Thursday’s for 4 weeks. This weekly bowling comp will kick off at every Kingpin venue Australia wide from 6:30PM (Make sure you can get there by 6PM) and runs through until 8PM, leaving you enough time to not be caught out late on a school night.

But wait there’s more… because we don’t like to bowl on an empty stomach, we’ve come up with a range of accompanying canapés to help celebrate your win or loss or simply just for the fact that you participated and also a friendly drink to help turn The Social into a very sociable affair.

Now we know you are thinking you’re not the greatest bowler that has ever graced the lanes, but you know how to take down a couple of pins (or ten), so we have scored The Social so that the average of each team’s score is taken each week and that will determine our weekly winner. Because let’s be honest being a solo competitor is no way near as fun as bowling with your pals.

So now that we’ve gone through the all the facts, we think it’s time you assembled a crack team of competitive comrades and locked in a team for The Social, because once you’ve down blowing all of that competitive steam, you can kick back with some new friends/enemies and be social!