Summer at Kingpin


The December days are here and we are moving into peak Summer at an alarming rate. The working weeks are winding down and all that we have on our minds is what we are planning to get up to with all this time off. If the weather stays clear do we lay at the beach all day? Or will we have to spend all our time with the in-laws from interstate? 

Alas, we have the perfect resolution to what to do with all this free time! Kingpin has packed together the perfect amount of deals, offers and all-encompassing activities including Cryptology Escape Rooms* and Karaoke to ensure ticking off the Summer checklist can be in the confines of your nearest Kingpin venue

First things first is entertaining the in-laws to ensure they aren’t driving anyone up the wall and that you don’t get caught rifling through the board game cupboard to keep them entertained. The solution, our Kingpin Holiday Pass. This red hot deal is the ticket to Bowling, Arcades, Laser, Ropes* & Top Spin Table Tennis*. Grab our Holiday Pass online and you get to pick from 3 activities in any combination or just do the same activity 3 times to make it easy! 

Now taking a bit of time off over Summer means everyone deserves a bit of rest & relaxation and being stuck inside entertaining has it’s downfalls, from cleaning up after your house party or preparing snacks to keep the squad from going hungry. An easier way to put all that aside is getting in to your nearest Kingpin venue and enjoying a crisp, refreshing bottle of Rymill Rosé on special at the bar and if you are looking to share then grab a quick dip of Corn Chips and Guacamole with a chilled Pimm’s Jug for a very special price!

The last situation you want to get stuck in over Christmas and New Year’s, is with a bunch of yelling and screaming kids, so we think we’ve got the perfect answer so everyone has an enjoyable visit. Book the kids in for a few of their favourite activities or even grab them a Holiday Pass, then top it off with a Kid’s Meal and treat them with a FREE Mini Magnum Ice Cream. Because let’s be honest we all love Ice Cream in the heat!

So why not make Kingpin your Summer destination, book your friends and family in and enjoy all the bells and whistles of a Summer vacation all wrapped up in one neat little package!


*Top Spin Table Tennis and Cryptology Escape Rooms in Chermside only, Ropes in Darwin only, Karaoke in Chermside and Darwin only.