St Patricks Day at Kingpin


At Kingpin we have a fairly good habit of making any holiday an excuse to go play some activities in our venues and over indulge on some top quality food. In the middle of March we have no better excuse than celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 and grabbing a little of that luck of the Irish to perfect our game. St. Patrick’s Day may have slowly become a time to drink copious amounts of alcohol, but we’ve gone back to the core values of St. Patrick’s Day that makes it important.

Starting things off we’ve got to pay homage to an ancient tradition that goes all the way back to the 1800s. This milestone period reflects the great Irish Potato Famine that occurred in 1840, where millions of Irish farmers lost their potato harvests due to an outbreak of virus. Hence why on St. Patrick’s Day plenty of Irish across the globe plant potatoes in their gardens paying homage to the crisis. Unfortunately at Kingpin we don’t have any open garden beds, so we will take the time to enjoy the a dish from our Potato Bar (waffle fries, beer-battered fries, curly fires and sweet potato wedges- you name it we’ve got it) to celebrate the glorious availability of potatoes across the globe.

Next up we think back to the folk tales of the Irish people and those pesky Leprechauns that used to hide their gold across the country side! Why bother spending days on the hunt for the end of a rainbow when you can get into the arcades and find the gold at the end of a rainbow on a coin pusher or in our Winner’s Vault, where you are sure to find something magical!

Finally to round out a perfect trifecta what symbol represents both Kingpin and the Irish? The mighty Shamrock! This 3 leaf clover is the perfect symbol to represent the Trinity and also reflects our 3 big activities. For those that forgot, we’ve got Bowling, Laser & Arcades in house to make your St. Patrick’s Day a day to remember.

So grab a few friends, whether Irish or not and book in at your nearest Kingpin venue today for a trifecta of activities and a side of Irish cheer.