National Bowling Day is officially a Public Holiday!


Kingpin will be celebrating National Bowling Day on Saturday the 11th of August, offering a free activity(we’re more than just bowling), that can be used on your next visit ,with every activity purchased on the day! We will also have tasty loaded fries or nachos with any cocktail or mocktail deal on offer in the week leading up to the big day for only $22. Simply book in and visit any Kingpin location and receive a free activity pass.


So, to be truly honest we might not have gotten approval for a new public holiday and it’s unlikely the Australian Government will ever approve it, but for National Bowling Day it’s a perfect opportunity to take some time off and spend a day at your local Kingpin.

We then got thinking, if the Queen’s Birthday can be a public holiday, then it is about time we recognised some of the other key calendar dates that well and truly have earned themselves the opportunity to take a day off and give all those hard workers penalty rates!

Let us know in the comments which day (or all of them) you feel should be made a public holiday.

Fresh Breath Day 6th August

breath day

We think this is a day everyone can get behind and it is truly for a good cause (especially if you are on the receiving end of someone with un-fresh breath) and is a good opportunity to take some time off and reflect on how you can improve on dental hygiene.

For those who wish to celebrate in true fresh breath fashion, why not jump into a karaoke room and belt out a few tunes with some minty fresh breath which is sure to make the day one to remember.

Tell a Joke Day 16th August

joke day

Time off is time well spent and that means it’s good opportunity to have a laugh with some friends. A perfect opportunity for a public holiday is Tell a Joke day! Get some friends together and enjoy some Bowling at Kingpin, because we are certain you can strike up a few puns on the lanes.

National Potato Day 19th August

potato day

Potatoes! The staple of nearly every diet, from hot chips to hash browns, what can the potato NOT do! So why not take some time off and enjoy a plethora of potato based products. You can celebrate with us with some loaded fries starting with Waffle, Sweet Potato, Beer Battered or Curly, then load them up with Cheese & Bacon, Chilli Beef & Cheese or BBQ Chipotle Pulled Pork.

Dog Appreciation Day 26th August

dog day

Pretty self-explanatory this one. Pat all the doggos, all day….

Fight Procrastination Day 6th September

procrastination day

Whether it is putting off studying or deciding not to take the rubbish out, this day is an opportunity to take advantage of all those things you have been putting off and getting them done! Stop putting off that group catch up and lock in a session of Laser Tag at your nearest Kingpin venue.


On top of that, for all you selfie lovers out there we have a photo competition running where you could score yourself a $500 Kingpin Experience. To be in the running follow these simple steps:

Pull your best regal pose in any Kingpin, take a photo and tag @KingpinBowling (profile must be public).

The winner with the best photo will be anointed the King/Queen of National Bowling Day and will receive a free day at Kingpin for 2 people to try all their activities plus $50 F&B voucher.


As always there are terms and conditions – click here to read them if you desire.