How to Survive Grand Final Day When You Really Couldn't Care Less | Kingpin


It’s that time of year again. You’ve been invited to two different viewing parties and you’ve also got your mate that’s managed to score some spare tix to the game… but really, you’d rather drop a bowling ball on your foot than go anywhere near the footy.

So what’s a person to do in such a dilemma?

  1. Pick the right place. Convince your mates to pick a place that plays the footy AND has other things for you to distract yourself. This way everyone is happy, and your mates need be none the wiser.
  2. Do your research. Pick a team (preferably the same one your friends are supporting) and just make some noise whenever they do. If they groan, you groan. If they cheer, you cheer (and maybe offer to buy the next round to make your cover up seem more legit).
  3. Treat. Yo. Self. Congrats! You’ve successfully survived another footy season. Why not pick an activity you ACTUALLY enjoy and make your footy loving friends join you for a change?

With a sports bar, bowling lanes, laser tag, escape rooms and so much more – Kingpin is the Grand Final destination that will keep EVERYONE happy.