How to not have a lame post-Valentine's Day date


Valentine's Day has once again been and gone. A wonderful day when you can share your emotions and feelings with those closest to you - perhaps even for the first time. Red roses, candle-lit dinners and chocolate, Valentine's Day is a time for over-the-top romance.

However, it certainly sets the date night expectations high. If you've had an amazing Valentine's Day date, how can you follow it up with something just as great? We might have the answer for you - a night at Kingpin. Let us explain how we can help your romance blossom.

Enjoy our date night package

A gourmet selection of food and a lovely drop to drink are two prerequisites of a great date night. Throw in a few games of bowling and you have our date night package - perfect for ramping up your love.

Enjoy our chef's tasting platter alongside your choice of local tap beer, house wine, sparkling or soft drink alongside your private lane. Did you know that a gentleman always lets their date win the match? Just don't try to make it obvious!

Win a prize on the Maxi-claw

On the day of love, most people give each other flowers, chocolates or even jewellery. While these are great presents, it's not something from the classic Maxi-claw that you can find in our arcade

If you are looking for a gift that takes precision, effort and maybe a little luck to get, the Maxi-claw provides a unique challenge on your date night. While we can't guarantee a prize, your date will certainly appreciate the attempts and hopefully your efforts are worth it. Perhaps come down to Kingpin before the date and practise your skills on the Maxi-claw!

Wine and dine in our restaurants

If your date isn't into bowling or arcade, it might be fun to enjoy the warm atmosphere of Kingpin at our restaurant. Sit down at one of our gorgeous tables and indulge in food created by our top chefs.

Order our Signature Wagyu Beef Burger while sipping on a Spiced Mojito cocktail or a glass of our finest house white. Our menu is fresh, fun and a little bit spicy - great for producing that date night spark. Finish off your meal with a sweet dessert and ensure your date ends on the right note.

With the help of Kingpin, you can continue your Valentine's Day romance for the rest of the year!