Holidays at Kingpin


Whether you count a holiday as a break from your university degree, a school holidays break from exams, a public holiday to save you from a day of work or simply a sneaky sick day, holidays are the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and do something fun! What better reason than to lock in a trip to your local Kingpin to celebrate!

As much as we all love sleeping in, it’s always more memorable to get up to some activities that are worthy of a few Instagram posts and celebrated with a bite to eat and drink or two! Your local Kingpin has a bunch of activities that we think can really turn a holiday into something special.

Let’s kick things off with a classic activity with a new spin, that’s TopSpin Table Tennis! You may know of it as Ping Pong or even miniature badminton (we might have made that one up), but TopSpin is here for you to lay down a tournament to rival any of the great sporting events of the ages! As a good reason to get away from the books, you can grab your study buddy and throw down a few sets!

If we haven’t quite hit the spot yet, then why not escape the daily grind by spending a holi-day trying your best in one of our Cryptology Escape Rooms. You and up to 5 friends can put your minds to the test and solve a plethora of puzzles to either set a new time record or simply escape in the given time…

We are sure you will be able to find a reason to visit your local Kingpin on your next holiday, but if you get stuck for idea you can always check out our Daily Deals on offer just about everyday to ensure you make some memories. Find your nearest venue today.