Top tips for an extra spooky Halloween party!


We here at Kingpin know a thing or two about throwing down a spooktacular event to rival that of the dinner parties held in Count Dracula’s mansion in Transylvania all those years ago. We are holding Kingpin Fright Night Party 2016 at Kingpin venues across the country with every venue featuring some of the best costumes and themes we have ever put together.

But before we kick off festivities we have put together a little check list of the dos and don’ts of planning your own Halloween Party, if you can’t make it to ours. Because, let’s be honest, if your planning on putting up some fake cobwebs and a few plastic spiders, you’re doing it wrong.


We all know that cutting a few holes in a bed sheet is a simple DIY hack to get you into any party with a dress code, but if you want to really scare the living souls out of your friends, then go into the deep recesses of your mind and find out what truly scares you. Is it a murderous clown? A blood thirsty snake? Or a demonic ghoul from the depths of hell? To take it a step further, grab some fake blood and stick on scars for that full 3D effect. Because you want your friends to be so scared they can’t sleep and not stop partying.


Nothing says bland and boring then a home that looks too homely. If you want your house to be truly haunted, then take it to the next level with a fridge full of severed heads. Print out some deadly looking mug shots and place them in a jar with a touch of yellow food colouring and put it in the back of the fridge to set. So when your guests go to grab a refreshment the corpse less head will greet them with quite a fright.


In every horror movie you see the full moon appear and you know the scares are about to come. So turn your house into the perfect horror scene by replacing all your light bulbs with a deep red colour and fill the house with some smoke and candles to truly capture the moment. You can even go a step further and pin up some glad wrap to your walls with some deadly messages scrawled across the wrap to suggest a bloody ending (and keep your walls from becoming permanent undead message boards).

But if this all seems a little difficult and you want to take the hassle out of Halloween, then grab a ticket to Fright Night 2016 at your nearest Kingpin venue and enjoy Unlimited Laser & Arcades, as well as Zombie and Vampire themed laser arenas! Grab your tickets for the final Monday in October and we will show you how the real fright fiends pull off a Halloween Party.