Why you should plan your mid winter Christmas work event now | Kingpin



We're not too sure where the origins of the 'mid-Winter Christmas party' really came from, but we highly suspect that it was out of jealousy that the folks in the Northern Hemisphere get epic white Christmases every year with eggnog, log fires, and awful Christmas jumpers.

So, naturally, we just slipped this sneaky second Christmas into our calendars as if our beach-and-barbeque celebrations in December aren't awesome enough. We love it.

Here's why you should be planning that mid-winter Christmas work do for your company!

Booking early avoids the rush

Even though June 25 is technically your mid-way mark between real Christmases, you've still got the whole of winter to put this function together. That said, there are sure to be other companies out there with the same ideas.

Book in your event early on to ensure you get the venue and date you're after, as many of these can sell out faster than you can say "there's too much brandy in this trifle."

It gives you time to sort the details

It's not a company Christmas party without a few silly (AKA, awesome) games, themes or prizes.

For example, you could set the dress up theme as the 12 days of Christmas and give everyone enough time to find a great costume, or you could get together a collection of prizes for best dressed or the top bowler of the evening. Of course, this time is also good for planning responsible things such as transportation home for everyone, but there's no harm in sorting the Secret Santas while you're at it.

It can double as a team building event

Team building is an important part of any company as it helps remind everyone that their workmates really aren't out to get them. Plus, it helps to keep morale up amongst workers, too. Even though Australia tends to perform well for employee engagement by global standards according to Gallup workplace reports, there's still plenty of room for improvement as just 24 per cent of workers are actually engaged with their jobs.

Even if you weren't thinking of organising a mid-winter Christmas function, keep in mind that it can double as a fun way to thank and reward staff, keep them on good terms with each other, and help them work in teams. This is especially true if you book your event at Kingpin, where employees will work in teams and encourage each other in bowling and laser skirmish.