Top Budget Tips for Your Next Kids Party


When it comes to birthday parties, pleasing everyone is no mean feat. From fussy aunties to your raucous gang of mates to keeping the hip pocket happy, few options meet universal appeal. Unless, of course, you’ve decided to throw a Kingpin Birthday party.

Whether your child’s in preschool, primary school or high school, here’s why you should get the ball rolling and make your child the talk of the playground (and the school pick-up circles!).

Food, glorious food

Food can be one big time-consuming and costly hassle when it comes to kids’ parties. But it’s time for the foodies among us to rejoice! A Kingpin party package includes the food that kids love, like burgers and tacos — all simply organised in advance and to your exact wishes.

You’d like something fancier? Add a touch of luxe to the table with extra options including lamb shoulder sliders or smoky chicken wings, indulgent ice-cream cake or show bags — and lots more.

Book the party of your life online

How long did your last party take to organise? Hours of your precious time? Days? What if we told you that you can get the royal treatment in just 10 minutes by building a Kingpin party online, saving you heaps of time and removing all your party stress. All you need to do is type in the date you want, choose the party package (Silver, Gold, Platinum or Arcade, depending on the number of activities your child wants), select any extras and, well, that’s it. In fact, the biggest worry is your final score on the bowling lane.

Variety is the spice of life

They say a change is as good as a holiday, and various activities during your child’s party will do wonders. But the idea of having to organise multiple games and events can be a whole lot of hard work. Not to mention multiple outlay. That’s not the case at a Kingpin party. It’s all right there, ready to enjoy with the enthusiasm of kids for the one, all-inclusive price. You can choose from classic tenpin bowling or laser tag, to a round of table tennis, testing the vocal cords in karaoke and a stack of arcade game fun.

Enjoy red carpet treatment

The music is pumping, the atmosphere is buzzing and your dedicated party host is helping the kids have a stack of fun. The kids’ drinks are flowing, food being devoured and prizes vied for. This means you can actually enjoy your time at the party rather than dissolving into a puddle of stress. So while the royal treatment is in full swing for your child and their mates, you can indulge in catching up with friends and family. It’s a party both you and your child will remember — for all the right reasons.

All you have to do is straighten your child’s crown, let them take their throne and enjoy a party fit for a king or queen.