The 5 coworkers you'll see at the office Christmas party


How well do you really know your coworkers? You might think that you have a great understanding of their personalities and habits, but until you get out of the office, head to the workplace Christmas party and spend some time with them in a more relaxed environment, you simply can't tell for sure. 

Fortunately we've put together a handy guide to help you identify some the major personality types that you can expect to see come December - check it out. 

1. The political analyst

We live in interesting times. Donald Trump is running for President and Australia has seen more leadership changes than seems possible. Even so, the Christmas party is not the time to discuss these issues, and instead you'll want to focus on having a good time. The political analyst will try to draw you in with a baiting sentence about some recent controversy, but don't be fooled, all that lies down this path is a torturous hour of debate that will keep you from getting in on the prawn horns.

2. The sleepy parent

For those of us that have young kids, we know how hard it is to make time to get out of the house. The Christmas party is a common exception, but the loss of stamina from early morning and late night feeding cries makes these coworkers most likely to bail for an early night, or turn into...

3. The unexpected party animal

You know Barry from HR? The guy who never seems to speak but everybody knows? Well you're about to find out why, because when the suit and tie comes off the real Baz comes out to play, and he's the guy you want to be standing next to on the bowling lane or at the food table. If not, you may miss the big talking points around the office of the next few months.

4. The competitor

Every office has one person who fancies themselves as a top tier athlete. You may recognise them by their morning lycra after biking to work, or the 5 pm change into jogging clothes. The end of year party is where this character really comes to life, and if there's any sort of physical activity you definitely want to be on their team. After all, there could be prizes at stake!

5. The boss

Just like every workplace is different, each boss or manager has a slightly different spin on leadership. Christmas is when you get to see what they're made of, and what sort of event they'll splurge for. Best of all, getting out of the office is a great time to get to know your boss outside of the work environment, and you never know what effect that might have on your future at the company! 

Well there you have it. Five personalities you're all but guaranteed to see. Which one are you?