Team Building Made Easy


The big annual dates roll around with frightening regularity: end of financial year, Christmas, business anniversaries. And then there are those work events when you hit that target, complete that project or just give thanks for the end of the week. Whatever the occasion, however, organising a team building event is a finely balanced thing. It can give you props for the rest of the year – or be a disaster to fuel water-cooler gossip for years to come.

“Team building events are a successful way to get your team together outside of the office to encourage collaboration, teamwork and some friendly competition,” says Entertainment, Media and Events Marketing Expert, Lupe Prada. “Not only does your team get to know each other on a more personal level (and have some fun doing so), it's a great way to celebrate a team win, increase team spirit and motivate staff – ultimately fostering relationships, team bonding and, in turn, improved communication amongst staff.”

Corporate events aren’t exactly simple to organise, however. Choosing the wrong event space or activity, not inviting the right people or accidentally leaving someone off the door list – it’s a minefield if you’re no expert when it comes to organising corporate events. To nail your next work event, read on – here are Prada’s expert tips and tricks to turning your next corporate party into a successful one.


Invite the right people

Take care when compiling the invite list. Be inclusive, and run final names and numbers past your manager or a peer to ensure you haven’t forgotten anyone – take particular note of regular contractors and freelancers. Nothing says “you're not appreciated” like being left off an invite list. #awkward


Time it right 

When you’re holding a compulsory attendance event outside work hours, make sure you consider any family commitments or extended travel times to and from home that your employees will have to deal with. If possible, schedule it during normal working hours. You don't want to make it a chore or a burden for those who might have to get babysitters or a long cab ride home.


Pick the right activity

Basically, you’re after an event that encourages people working together as a team. Any sort of team sports, games, quizzes or workshop activity is a good choice. The main thing is that everyone gets involved, is supportive of one another (with some healthy rivalry) and has fun. One thing to keep in mind when picking your activity is your team members’ differing skill sets and fitness levels. But luckily Kingpin offers some of the best activities around and can top it off with a premium range of food and drink options to create a team event to remember!

It’s good to keep things new and fresh, but perhaps a team triathlon isn’t for everyone – a tried and tested favourite is a better bet for an all-inclusive, and successful, work party.

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