Party game ideas for your office Christmas party | Kingpin



There's nothing quite like a little competition to help bring your office together. Indeed, pitting staff against staff can be a great team building activity, ensuring people work together to best their peers and have plenty of in-jokes to recite and laugh about until the next function.

If you host your office Christmas party at Kingpin Bowling, you'll have access not just to our awesome ten pin bowling lanes, but Laser Tag arenas, arcade games and quality catering services too. Of course, you can also supplement this great entertainment with your own unique party games, offering fun awards to your staff that they can treasure and boast about.

Here are three such ideas:

Best bowling finishing pose

There's nothing more graceful, or hilarious, than an awesome bowling pose. These are the impressive figures struck after launching a ball at rocket speed towards its target pins (or gutter). Encourage your staff to pull their best, most flamboyant positions and you might even catch someone's inner personality coming out to say hello.

Most buffalo wings in mouth

Though our location's gourmet menus differ, if you find yourself in one that serves up buffalo wings - such as Kingpin Darwin - you've got a competition on your hands. Not only are buffalo wings tricky to put into your mouth at the best of times, the intensity factor is amped up when you consider that they are drizzled with hot and spicy sauce!

Two and a half facts

A classic team building game is to go around worker by worker and have them state two facts about themselves and one lie. Though some variants of the game consider the person with the least votes on their lie the victor, encourage your staff to put extra effort into their fib by offering glory to whoever received the most votes on it. Now we'll see what crazy-but-true (or perhaps not) facts come to light. Did Sandra from Accounts really train in ninjutsu? Hopefully, you'll find out.