How to Pick your EOFY Bowling Team


It's the end of the financial year and let's face it, you and your colleagues need to let loose and have some fun. You might need to get away from this quarter's numbers, but there are some numbers you don't need to get away from - your bowling score. 

If you've wanted to bowl over that co-worker who almost messed up your final report, then this is the EOFY party to lock in. Ah yes, it's time to release all that pent up stress and frustration on those ten, vulnerable pins. And you know, there's only one way to forgive, and that is to ensure you take out each and every game so you can gloat over a few burgers and cocktails.

But it can't just be a team of two - here's how you can create the ultimate EOFY bowling team from personas found around every office.

The Borderline Boss

There's always one guy who makes awkward jokes and doesn't get that they're borderline inappropriate. But at the end of the day, this guy makes the most out of every situation and won't let your team down. Can't think of who that crazy employee or employer of the office might be? It’s probably you.

The shy IT guy 

Bowling is all about angles and delivering the appropriate amount of force and spin on the ball. Who knows better about angles than that shy Finance team? Help them break out of their shell by giving them the responsibility of guiding the team's form so they get the best angle and ultimately, the strike. 

The eager intern

Not only is the intern going to be eager to prove him or herself on the lanes, but they'll also want to show off by taking advantage of treating their colleagues to the great food and drink deals at the bar. And you can't argue with that combo. 

So, now you have the ultimate EOFY bowling team. But, don't forget - with the perfect team, comes the perfect team name. And no bowling pun is off limits. The cornier the better, if anything. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Kingpins (or Queenpins)
  • No time to spare
  • This is how we roll
  • They see us rollin', they hatin'

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